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Ireland Bogs

Above: Irish Bogs Bogs Ireland (Ireland Tours) is remarkable for the number and size of its bogs. They are of two kinds flat bogs, or those lying on plains, and mountain bogs on hills and high valleys. A large part of the Central Plain consists of bogs. The most extensive is the Bog of Alien, which covers the greater part of Counties Kildare (Accommodation, Kildare, Ireland) and Offaly (Bed and Breakfasts, Offaly, Ireland). It is covered ... Read More

Irish People

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Some of Irish People

Above: Some Irish people The native Irish (Irish Guide) belong to the Celtic race. Their language is somewhat like the Gaelic of Scotland ; but it is now little used, except in the west. The population is about four and a half million. It has decreased during late years through so many of the Irish having left their native land to make new homes in America and Australia. Provinces and Counties. Ireland (Ireland Tours) is divided into four provinces ... Read More

Province of Munster IV

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Munster, Ireland

Above: In Munster County Kerry, in the south-west corner of Ireland, is pierced by deep bays or inlets, which cut the land into long and narrow peninsulas. No words can describe the bold, wild, rugged, and much indented coast, against which the great Atlantic waves are for ever beating. The Shannon mouth, Tralee Bay, Dingle Bay, and Kenmare Bay, are the chief openings. There are many capes and bold headlands, ... Read More